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Why Color Matters

  • Why Color Matters

    Why Color Matters

    In Branding

    Color is often the last thing business owners think about when having a logo or corporate identity created. They may choose their own favorite color or get influence from friends. But branding colors are far too important to be based on personal choices. Branding color are all about everyone else’s perception of your company and the colors need to do at least these three things:


    1. Your colors will either set you apart from your competitors or connect you with that industry. Do you want to be seen as different and unique or do you want to be a part of the traditional? Your color choices have this power.
    2. Your colors need to assist your audience in understanding you and what you’re all about. Colors that speak to a young woman will differ greatly from the colors that speak to an older gentleman. Choose colors that elicit a positive response from your intended audience/target market.
    3. Be sure your color choices elicit the emotional response that your brand intends. Do you want your company to appear calm and peaceful? If so, your color choices should definitely NOT be yellow, red and black, which will elicit very strong emotions. Choose colors that reflect your intended emotion.


    In your Home

    Color is often the first thing homeowners think about when buying a new home or refreshing an older home. They may choose their favorite colors or get advice from friends. And that is perfectly okay because their choices are all that matter in their own home. However, when choosing colors for an interior, there are important things to keep in mind:


    1. What mood do you want your home or each room to convey? Choose colors that reflect those emotions.
    2. Take into account all of the other colors and the materials present in the space – flooring, tile, trim, furniture, art… These materials and other colors will affect how your paint colors appear.
    3. Do you want to draw attention to a certain area or perhaps divert attention from a problem area? Your color choices matter if this is the case.
    4. Do you want to break up and define a space? Or do you want to unify and unite a space? Color choices matter…
    5. Last but not least, be certain your entire interior color palette is harmonious… In other words, your colors need to play nicely together. 🙂


    Color choice has so many nuances involved, it often means that people will choose a color, put it in a logo or on a wall, only to see that it absolutely doesn’t work and needs to change.  This can happen literally over and over again, eating up time and money and perhaps driving you crazy.  I can work with you to get the right colors the first time!

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