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Services from Leslie Kelley COLOR

Color influences decisions, opinions and results. With Leslie Kelley COLOR, you can use the science of color to help your home and business. Whether it's designing a palette for your business or incorporating a color scheme into a new packaging effort, I will work with you to save you time, money and aggravation.

Color Consulting

Color choice in an architectural space can affect the mood it conveys, and how harmonious it is with its surroundings. The colors should differentiate and accentuate the architectural elements of the building, while having the right effect on the people who are using it. I can create a custom palette for any space, whether it's a new construction or a space being renovated.

Red Swirl Yogurt Shop

Color is the very first perception your customers will have of your brand - I can help make certain that your brand color choices go beyond personal favorites or subjective preferences to truly communicate who you are and what your company is all about!

Duvall Civic Club Palette
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