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Introducing 50 States of COLOR

  • Introducing 50 States of COLOR

    Introducing 50 States of COLOR

    My friend, Tamber, a photographer, challenged herself to take a photo every day for 365 days. Most of her photos were taken in our home state of Washington and they amazed me. Each one was totally unique and filled with so many beautiful colors. It got my creative wheels a-turnin’ and I credit her with inspiring my idea to create a palette from a photo of each of the 50 states…


    With the help of friends, we searched for photographers from each state who would be willing to share photos with me. It was slow going at first, but once I launched the first few states on Facebook, it started to take off. Soon my chosen photographers were sending me leads other photographers. Their excitement over being included in my project was incredible and “meeting” them has been a pure joy!


    But why do this? It’s not as though I’m making any money from it… Well, first of all, I’m meeting amazingly talented people. Second I get to sort through all of the photographers gorgeous photos and see their states through their eyes. (Or lens.) Third, I get to pull colors from their photos and create a perfectly coordinated and harmonious palette. What is not to love!


    My hope is that these photos and their coordinating palettes will inspire others to look more closely at the beauty that surrounds them. We can look at the same scene every single day and never notice the true colors that are present! I also hope my state palettes will inspire people to use the color combinations for their own creative pursuits! My Alabama palette would be a perfect color palette to warm up a family room. Hawaii or Minnesota’s palettes would be perfect for a beach house… The possibilities are endless. And lastly, perhaps people will even be inspired to travel to other states to seek their own colors. After “meeting” photographer Barry Gillis and seeing his amazing photos of Alaska, I have plans to travel there in the not so distant future.


    So if you haven’t taken a look at 50 States of COLOR, check it out. See the 50 states and the colors they’ve inspired through these amazing photographers!

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