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    COLOR Walks

    I walk. I walk A LOT. Sometimes I walk alone, but mostly I walk with my husband, or with my daughter or with my dog. We walk for exercise. We walk to talk. We walk to get a Starbucks. We walk into our little town to visit with friends, to eat food, to drink wine, and to shop. Walking is just what we do.


    Often though, when I’m out walking, I get lost in my thoughts and find that I’m not paying attention to anything going on around me. But not too long ago, I came up with a new reason to walk. And on these new walks, I’m totally aware of everything. I call these walks COLOR Walks, and here is what I do:


    • I walk out my door with my smart phone in hand.
    • I walk until I find a color that appeals to me then I snap a picture of it. (I allow the color to choose me. I do not leave my house with a color in mind. That would be cheating. And COLOR Girl frowns upon cheating.)
    • I continue walking and wandering until I see the same color again and I snap another picture.
    • I continue walking until I have at least 5 photos of the chosen color and then I meander home.
    • I upload my photos and create a collage which I then post to Facebook.


    COLOR Walks awaken me to the colors that are everywhere, in places that I had never noticed. COLOR Walks often take me on much longer walks into new neighborhoods, simply because I cannot walk home without at least 5 photos of my color! COLOR Walks have inspired my friends, and even strangers, to get outside with their cameras and start walking and looking for color. Many of these people have shared their COLOR Walk Collages with me or written to me to tell me about their walks. COLOR Walks seem to make people happy. And that makes me happy. So get your smart phone and get going. There are colors awaiting you!


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